Learning & Development

A Focus on Individual Growth

We nurture talent through education and development and empower our people to move their career forward. We promote on merit, not seniority and our strong financial resources allow us to continually invest in our people to ensure our long-term growth.

Oxford Academy

The Oxford Academy, our internal ‘university’, is designed to build the leaders of tomorrow.  The Academy consists of both formal classroom and webinar learning courses, supplemented with on-the-job learning opportunities to support and reinforce what has been learned in the classroom. This is a major initiative for all employees to access opportunities to learn new skills to help build careers.  This multiyear development of management skills and competencies, focuses on training those abilities that future leaders will need to be successful at Oxford Immunotec.

Framework for Success

The Framework for Success is derived from our Company Values and offers a clear direction from the company on the expected areas and levels of competence required for each role.  The Framework has been designed to provide consistent language to support recruitment & selection, performance management, coaching & development, and assist with identifying personal learning opportunities. This tool gives our employees the roadmap to success and a clear understanding of what will be valued, recognized and rewarded over time.

Career Conversations

The Career Conversation program encourages our employees to take ownership of their career by developing personal learning and effectiveness. Employees have the opportunity to book a meeting with their manager to discuss their career aspirations and put together an Individual Development Plan (IDP).  All IDPs are reviewed annually at a Leadership Development Review meeting to ensure we are growing the talent required for the future, identifying succession plans and building interesting and sustainable careers within the company.

Continuous Development

We recognize that learning opportunities also exist outside of the company and we encourage employees to pursue job-related education through continuing education, conferences, trainings or seminars.  Through our tuition reimbursement policy, we provide financial support to make these opportunities possible.

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